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Welcome to
Nexus Studio of
Monterey, Inc

The movement specialists who help you live a pain-free active lifestyle

Reset Your Body with Healthy Movement

Based in Carmel, CA, Nexus is a Pilates-based Physical Therapy Studio that helps you heal beyond the limitations of movement disfunction and drastically improve your physical and mental well-being, transforming not only your body but your life.
Whether you are suffering from unsolved pain, looking to get back into exercise without escalating pain-related symptoms, recovering from a surgical procedure or injury, or simply want to improve performance and mobility, the team at Nexus can help.

Why Choose Nexus

Unlike traditional physical therapy, Nexus is a “hybrid” studio, combining Physical Therapy and Pilates in an innovative and holistic approach that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We offer a variety of modalities and therapy techniques, including personalized physical therapy and Pilates-based movement therapy.

Together, this combined approach allows the Nexus team to improve our client’s pain, discomfort, mobility, strength, overall well-being, and so much more.

Our Unique Physical Therapy Assessment

Knowledge is power. Empowering our clients with a better understanding of how their body functions is a big part of our mission. Nexus has trademarked our unique assessment method used for new clients or to measure existing clients’ progress called the Keen Healthy Movement™ System (KHMS).
The KHMS system allows our therapists to examine the body as a whole global system rather than focusing on just the specific diagnosis or mobility issue that brought you to us.
Our goal is to create a mobility plan customized to target all the areas that create movement dysfunction or discomfort in your body.
By doing so, the Nexus team helps our clients move without pain, move more efficiently in sports performance, and decrease stress and wear and tear on their musculoskeletal system.

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The Process of Healing Your Body
Can Be Easy!

Schedule an Initial Evaluation with our Physical Therapy Team. During this session, a physical therapist will assess your movement challenges and determine the plan needed to get your mobility, body alignment, and soft tissue working in harmony.
Once your pain and movement dysfunction improve, our physical therapy team will help transition you into Movement Therapy with our certified Pilates Movement Therapists. This team will help reinforce healthy movement patterns setting you up for long-term success.

After completing our recommended physical therapy program and working with a Pilates movement specialist, you will enter the maintenance phase of your journey. We encourage you to regularly attend Pilates classes to increase your quality of life.

Hiromi is passionate about her work. She listens well
and gives individualized care, treating the whole person with compassion.

Helen B.

Thanks for all your help getting me back running.

Adam R.

Winner of BSIM 2016

In my 65 years, there are only 3 professionals who could assess and treat my muscle and back pain successfully.
Hiromi is one of the three.

Al F.