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Gait Analysis

How Does Gait Analysis Benefit Me?

Gait analysis requires a comprehensive evaluation by a physical therapist.  This analysis includes postural, joint mobility, strength assessment by a physical therapist and motion analysis that provide information in sagittal (side), frontal (front) and posterior (back) views. This is perfect for someone who would like to get back to walking/hiking after injuries or surgeries to their spine or lower extremities. Or someone who has pain or discomfort when walking or hiking. This is performed by a physical therapist and personalized instruction will be given based on the evaluation and the motion analysis.

*Physical therapist will determine if you benefit from 3D analysis. However, most gait analysis will be done in 2D without LED markers.


Through the LED/2-D method that’s used, I was able to see where my ITB pain originates from and how to correct the problem. The high-speed cameras identified issues that I never knew about. I would recommend this assessment to any runner for a safer and more effective style of running.

Captain T. Butler

US Air Force Captain

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