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Rehab After
Regenerative Injections

How Does Physical Therapy Help After Regenerative Injections?

While regenerative injections such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can be effective at dealing with orthopedic issues, physical therapy plays a key role in rehabilitation post-injection. Pain may still be a common symptom post-injection and require physical therapy to alleviate these symptoms and improve or restore joint mobility.

In fact, it is common for regenerative injections to fail or provide minimal relief without the proper follow-up. Forgoing physical therapy may result in the body naturally trying to “protect” the joint after injection. This will ultimately lead to improper joint alignment, fascial release, or movement.

If you have recently received or plan to undergo a regenerative injection, contact us to discuss your post-injection therapy options to ensure you maximize the benefits of the procedure so you can return to your previous levels of activity without pain, discomfort, or further damage.


I am very thankful for the ability to work with you. My quality of life is so improved from your help. From daily tasks to exercising and hobbies, I have more comfort and physical ability from our work . Thank you very much for all you do.

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