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Physical Therapy

Muscle Recovery, Conditioning & Rehab

Empowering One Person at a Time

At Nexus, we believe that the current healthcare system is an inefficient model in providing care for undiagnosed/untreated musculoskeletal pain. We see far too many clients in need of physical rehabilitation, who come to us dealing with multiple areas of pain or discomfort that go unsolved and untreated. Even minor pain can quickly create a domino effect of other movement dysfunctions leaving the body in a vicious cycle of unnecessary pain.

We aim to shift the mindset and conversation around musculoskeletal pain from treating symptoms to treating “the cause,” because targeting the root of the problem will vastly improve the efficacy of our physical therapy services and the long-term results.

Physical therapy services at Nexus are always done privately, one-on-one with a therapist. Together we focus on proper joint alignment and movement patterns to promote healthy mobility that is tailored to your body. Rather than focusing on one diagnosis or symptom our team evaluates movement patterns to create a therapy program that optimizes the results you receive which include less pain, better mobility, and enhanced quality of life.

Our Initial PT
Consultation Includes:

  • Collection of your musculoskeletal history  – not just the current dysfunction or symptoms but all past injuries and pain. This helps our team understand the story of your body.
  • Keen Healthy Movement™ System – how we assess new and existing clients which allows us to track and measure results over time. This includes:
    • Alignment in standing, lying supine (face up) and prone (face down)
    • Soft tissue assessment and joint assessment for imbalance
    • Movement assessment to analyze how your body learns to move
  • Treatment – as our therapy program is customized to each person, the methods we use will vary for each client but may include:
    • Manual therapy
    • Modalities
    • Myofascial release
    • Kinesiotaping
    • Pilates-based movement therapy
  • Reassessment
    • Standing posture, movement, and pain rates

Follow Up Session

After the initial consultation, your therapist will recommend a course of treatment to correct or improve any movement dysfunction identified in the assessment. During the course of treatment, we continue to use the Keen Healthy Movement™ System to measure results and gain a better understanding of how physical therapy is benefitting you.

Ongoing treatment will typically focus on improving proper joint alignment and soft-tissue balance (muscle and fascia). In addition, we utilize Pilates-based movement to restore functional movement in a low-impact environment without pain.


Key Benefits of
Nexus Physical Therapy

Our number one goal is to help you alleviate your symptoms of pain and discomfort without medication by exploring all joint pain and dysfunction as a whole rather than one specific symptom or diagnosis. Our body is dynamic and interconnected. Therefore, fixing or focusing on one joint, cannot restore the optimal movement of your entire body. We must look at the entire body to help you live a healthier, pain-free life.

Nexus is dedicated to providing personal, individualized care and instruction for each individual based on their unique physical needs to promote a more positive, active lifestyle and restore optimal movement.

Each session with a physical therapist lasts 50 minutes and typically includes highly-skilled manual therapy techniques, myofascial release, and joint mobilization as needed to improve optimal movement. In addition, proper movement patterns are reinforced with the use of Pilates-based exercises.

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