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What is Keen Healthy Movement™?

Dr. Ozawa trademarked the Keen Healthy Movement™ System after spending years in the physical therapy field. Time and time again, she saw doctors and therapists diagnose and treat a specific movement issue while ignoring a deeper problem. However, life isn’t static, and our mobility and movement issues are more complex than a single diagnosis. There is often a root cause of movement dysfunction that goes unchecked. 

KHMS allows our movement therapists to examine the body as a whole global system rather than focusing on just the specific diagnosis or mobility issue that brought you to us. This system also enables our team to easily track and measure progress and results over time. 

While there are numerous physical therapy centers integrating PT and Pilates movement therapy, Nexus is the only PT studio offering the Keen Healthy Movement™ System today. 

When utilizing this system along with Pilates movement therapy, Nexus’ clients find greater benefits and are able to perform and age with less pain or mobility challenges. This allows our clients to enjoy a more active lifestyle without resorting to invasive procedures or surgeries. 

Keen Healthy Movement

Components of Keen Healthy Movement™

Keen Healthy Movement™ helps your body recover from any mobility-related injuries, improve posture, and move more efficiently with less pain or discomfort. The main components of KHMS include:

  • Joint Alignment
    • Properly aligned joints promote even pressure on the cartilage and ligaments. This also ensures that the muscles are being used properly. 
    • Poor joint alignment, such as a knocked knee or an uneven curvature of the spine, can lead to pain, preventable injuries, and premature or abnormal wearing of the joint surfaces.
  • Balanced Soft Tissue
    • Soft tissue includes both fascia and muscle. When balanced, these soft tissues can promote and support proper posture and asymmetrical muscle tightness. 
    • Imbalanced fascia and muscles are typically caused by poor posture, a history of multiple injuries, or poor exercise routines/poor form during those exercises. These imbalances can stress the joints and cause muscle tightness, activating trigger points which may lead to pain with movement.
  • Proper Movement Patterns
    • Learning proper movement patterns create a more balanced body and efficiency in both normal daily movement as well as in sports performance. 
    • Like any learned behavior, our body is adjusting to how we move and often learns or adapts and finds ways to move ineffectively or inefficiently which leads to pain, discomfort, or dysfunction. Over time, our body forms these new unhealthy habits and movement patterns which cause soft tissue injuries, imbalances, and early or abnormal joint degeneration. 

At Nexus, we utilize a variety of manual therapy techniques and other modalities to improve these three core components of healthy mobility. Since we customize our approach to the needs of each client the methods used will vary from person to person.

The Keen Healthy Movement™ System allows our clients to understand what healthy movement looks like for their body and how to move their body in the most effective way possible during our Physical Therapy sessions, Pilates Movement Therapy sessions, and their activities of daily living.

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