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Movement Therapy & Injury Rehab

Transforming Not Only Your Body but Your Life

While some Pilates studios offer classes or training from certified Pilates instructors, Nexus takes our Pilates method to another level. Our instructors are certified Pilates instructors but also have extensive training in biomechanics and medical knowledge to teach our clients how to correct faulty movement patterns that cause pain or dysfunction. This is why we use the term “Pilates Movement Therapy” to describe our program.

Nexus’ Pilates movement therapy focuses on proper movement patterns to improve your strength, flexibility, and sports performance. While Pilates has evolved and new exercises developed, the original principles developed by Joseph Pilates have not. We embrace these core principles as our “Movement Principles,” which guide our clients towards healthy movement and a higher degree of body-awareness.

Similar to physical therapy, Pilates Movement Therapy offers an initial assessment, private sessions, as well as duet classes.

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Our Assessment Includes:

  • Initial Assessment – a Pilates instructor will cover 15 different exercises to evaluate your body movement. Based on this assessment, your instructor will develop a personalized plan that targets areas of movement dysfunction to improve movement patterns and help achieve your fitness and wellness goals.
  • Private Sessions – during these sessions, your Pilates instructor will work one-on-one with you to teach proper movement patterns using a variety of Pilates equipment.
  • Categories of Pilates Movement Therapy include:
    • Post-rehabilitation
    • Sports Performance or Dance Conditioning
    • Overall Fitness and Wellness

Pilates Equipment

At Nexus Studio, we only use equipment made by Balanced Body®. Over the past 40 years Balanced Body® has been on a mission to create the most safe, effective, and beautiful equipment in the industry. Equipment that works with all body sizes, and with different Pilates disciplines. Whatever your background – contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between –  we have the right equipment for you.

  • Konnector® – Konnector is a unique Pilates method that uses four straps instead of two straps which provides a unique experience like no other. This rope pulley system connects all four limbs which allows independent and simultaneous movement of the arms and legs for a wide variety of full-body exercises.

  • Core Align – CoreAlign is almost 6” longer, to better accommodate taller and more flexible people. It also has re-engineered resistance bands that last much longer, plus softer cart bumpers for a smoother glide.

  • EXO® Chairs – The most compact, durable Pilates chair on the market, the EXO is also lightweight and easy to move and store, with a 40% smaller footprint than competitive products when storing six chairs.

  • Combo Chairs – The combo chair is designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment. Its padded split pedal allows exercises that use rotational and reciprocal movement of the extremities.

  • Ladder Barrel – Ladder Barrel combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises. The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths.

Pilates Movement Session Options

Private Sessions

One-on-one private sessions with dedicated attention from the therapist. Ideal for those working through specific movement, dysfunction or injury issues.

Duet Sessions

Groups of two people with shared attention from the therapist. Ideal for those working on similar issues or those wishing to benefit from improvement movement therapy while splitting the session costs.

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