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History of Nexus Studio

nex·us – a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.

Nexus is a physical therapy studio established in 2011 in Carmel, CA, by Dr. Hiromi Ozawa, DPT. It stands as a cornerstone in redefining physical rehabilitation on the Monterey Peninsula. Dr. Ozawa’s vision has emerged from years of physical therapy experience, and aims to address the need for a more personalized, comprehensive approach. 

Since 2011 Nexus Studio has expanded their team to welcome more specialists that share Dr Ozawa’s vision.

We believe that holistic healing of mind, body and spirit requires a mix of therapies tailored specifically to the individual. This synergistic power has led to the integration of innovative treatments like Shockwave therapy and BrainTap healing sessions complementing our established Pilates Therapy, Physical Therapy and Movement Therapy services. Nexus Studio continues to pioneer cutting-edge therapies, offering clients a complete spectrum of wellness solutions.

As the founder, Dr. Ozawa views Pilates movement therapy as pivotal, teaching proper movement patterns and customizing solutions for each individual’s needs is paramount in the healing process.

The term "Nexus" represents the bridge created for clients:

From their onset experience with pain and discomfort to one of wellness and healthy movement


From the need for physical therapy and pain / discomfort reduction to shifting more towards movement therapy through Pilates, Shockwave therapy, and BrainTap sessions.

This bridge between different modalities of care is the connection that forms holistic, empowering, and highly successful results for Nexus’ clients who seek recovery from musculoskeletal injuries, surgeries, movement problems, and improvement in sports performance.

Our Mission

We empower each person to reach holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit with the transformational power of movement therapy, wellness education, and energetic and vibrational therapy.

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