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How does this analysis help you in running?

As running is becoming a more popular activity, the number of injuries caused by running has also increased. Despite our best efforts to get people back to running without pain, we realized that there are limitations in using only our eyes to identify the causes of movement dysfunction.

We believe that any running analysis without the benefit of high speed cameras has limitations in identifying problems. High speed cameras allow us to see subtle movement abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye. This is especially true when analyzing runners at higher velocities. These videos also provide the ability for our professionals to understand and incorporate each individuals’ unique physiology and running style into every analysis.


Running Analysis Client Testimonials

As a long-distance runner training for Big Sur International Marathon, I was having ankle and toe issues after an injury a year ago in a trail race. I was concerned my race was becoming a long shot and searched for help. I was sent Hiromi’s way, and I am truly amazed of her knowledge.

The running analysis is an eye-opener and gave me hands on details to work with on my runs. Hiromi’s expertise also made me run injury free and without pain on my Marathon.

Gitte Cecilie Langaas Kihl

Certified Running Coach

NR – Fundamental

[90 min]

  • Visual (qualitative) analysis of running with high speed cameras (100fps)
  • Basic evaluation done by a physical therapist
  • Movement dysfunction, possible causes of pain, can be identified
  • Exercise prescription based on findings


Evaluation           $250

Follow up visit     $165

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