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Holistic Well-Being Through
Whole-Body Healing

The Nexus team welcomes the opportunity to provide a thorough movement assessment for every person, whatever your age or fitness level.

We believe in well-being through holistic, whole-body healing. Our sessions will look at physiology as well as mental blocks that may be obstacles to the healing process. The cornerstone of these sessions compose of Pilates-based physical therapy, but may include additional recommendations including, but not limited to: nutrition, lifestyle, and mental fitness.

We recognize there are four groups that will benefit most from our Pilates-based Physical Therapy Program.

Active, Motivated Individuals

Similar to getting into a new fitness regimen, working with a physical therapy specialist or within a Pilates-based movement program requires you to have the motivation and determination to adjust behavior patterns to create lasting change. Improving your body movement does not happen overnight as most unhealthy movement patterns have been developed over a number of years, or from a serious injury, or improper form during exercise.

Whether your motivation is to feel better, lose weight, regain mobility, or simply educate yourself on how to move with greater ease, we can help.

Elite Athletes & Performers

Proper form and movement are absolutely essential for serious athletes and performers. As former or active athletes ourselves, the Nexus team identifies with and understands the frustration that comes from an injury preventing you from participating in the activities you love or that may be a big part of your livelihood.

From running analysis to functional corrective exercises and manual therapy, Nexus movement therapists are able to create a treatment regimen that will get you back to doing what you love as quickly and safely as possible.

Adults Over 60

Adults over 60 are transitioning to a new season of life and often find themselves moving towards a less active lifestyle due to underlying mobility issues or discomfort. Many aging adults are also sedentary, spending much of their time seated or inactive.

The Nexus team aims to help older adults age gracefully as they get closer to retirement so they can enjoy their golden years while remaining as healthy, active and pain-free as possible. Pilates-based physical therapy is an excellent way to retrain your body and learn proper movement patterns to promote better joint mobility and alignment and minimize the risk of injury and the need for corrective surgical procedures.

Teenagers & Young Adults

While it may seem counterintuitive that teens and young adults would benefit from a physical therapy program, the opposite is actually true! Pilates-based physical therapy can help young adults learn proper movement patterns at an early age.

This education and guidance provided by the Nexus team will set them up for a lifetime of better mobility and reduce their risk of injury and movement dysfunction.

Conditions We Treat

Because Nexus is a Pilates Movement Therapy and Physical Therapy studio, we treat a
large variety of conditions such as:

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