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Nexus Studio Client Testimonials

At Nexus Studio, we pride ourselves in providing our clients the highest level of care.
Our ultimate goal is to help our patients live a healthy, active, and pain-free lifestyle. Check out the reviews below to see what our clients are saying about us.

Thanks for all your help getting me back running.
Adam Roach
Winner of BSIM 2016
As an avid distance runner I have seen my share of distance races (up to a marathon). I've had many gait analyses that showed me what type of shoe to buy, but never one that assessed my actual running mechanics. Hiromi's running assessment tool has completely changed the way I run. The process analyzes hip placement, knee stability, and a host of other helpful areas. Through the LED/2-D method that's used, I was able to see where my ITB pain originates from and how to correct the problem. The high speed cameras identified issues that I never knew about. I would recommend this assessment to any runner for a safer and more effective style of running.
Capt. T. Butler
US Air Force Captain
In my 65 years, there are only 3 professionals who could assess and treat my muscle and back pain successfully. Hiromi is one of the three.
Al F.
Having extensive experience with physical therapists due to an active lifestyle, I have not found another therapist that comes close to the results that Hiromi has achieved for me. She truly understands how the body works and knows how to create a program based on the unique needs and physiology of each of her clients. I believe that the introduction of Pilates in my therapy sessions has been instrumental in recovering from my latest injury. And having Hiromi dedicate the entire session one-on-one ensures that I perform the prescribed treatment correctly. The proof? My orthopedic surgeon indicated that my recovery is much more rapid than he expected and stated that Hiromi is the reason why. Thanks Hiromi!
Michael M.
Thank you for all you do for me. My body is so much healthier.
Jeannie A.
Hiromi is very passionate about her work. She listens well and gives individualized care, treating the whole person with compassion. I have worked with Hiromi for several years and have developed a stronger and more balanced body. She has been great at helping me alleviate my aches and pain. Hiromi is a delight.
Helen B.
Thank you for being so good at what you do!
Bonnie C.
As a long-distance runner training for Big Sur International Marathon, I was having ankle and toe issues after an injury a year ago in a trail race. I was concerned my race was becoming a long shot and searched for help. I was sent Hiromi's way, and I am truly amazed of her knowledge. The running analysis is an eye-opener, and gave me hands-on details to work with on my runs. Hiromi's expertise also made me run injury-free and without pain on my Marathon.
Gitte Cecilie Langaas Kihl
Long-Distance Marathon Runner
As a sixty year old active adult, I've been humbled with back injuries and posture related problems. Hiromi's expertise as a Physical Therapist coupled with her Pilates knowledge was able to isolate my problem areas in a way that finally made sense to me. It was like a light bulb turned on in my head! I felt so safe on her equipment and was able to concentrate on different biomechanics that I could never manage before. I so looked forward to my sessions and have such pain relief in my neck and lower back now. Thank you for your compassion, Hiromi!
Evans G.
I am very thankful for the ability to work with you. My quality of life is so improved from your help. From daily tasks to exercising and hobbies, I have more comfort and physical ability from our work . Thank you very much for all you do.
George R.

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